The Royal Blue is Changing!

Starting from 2018, 
The Royal Blue is accepting a limited number of small families,
with the adults-only facilities remaining and evolving into something even better!

Come with us in a New Era, with New Look to live New Experiences!

Find below all adults-only and family-only facilities.



Adults - Only Facilities

- Adults Lounge Bar
- Heated swimming pool exclusively for adults
- Designated beach section only for adults
- Brand new gourmet restaurant only for couples
- Special adults sitting area in the main restaurant (buffet, breakfast & dinner)
- Romantic private dinner concepts, at your favorite spot within the resort
- Unique in-room dining concepts for couples
- Dedicated Spa massages and therapies for couples

Family - Only Facilities

- Special Kids’ area, with heated swimming pool, water fountains and sophisticated outdoor games
- Separate entertainment areas for children aged 3-5, 5-12 and 12-16
- Designated Family Zone in the main restaurant (buffet, breakfast & dinner),
with special buffet only for Kids
- Fun and educational children activities