Chania is the westernmost prefecture of Crete. It has an breadth of 2,376 km and about 134,000 residents, the additional better citizenry in Crete, afterwards Heraklion. The boondocks of Chania, which is additionally the prefecture's capital, has acquired a abundant acceptability throughout history. Walking on attenuated streets of the Old Boondocks you aftertaste the actual atmosphere, affair the ornaments of Chania, the Venetian harbour and alcazar. The old boondocks is additionally the centre of night life. While visiting Chania, you accept the adventitious to appointment abounding archaeological sites which still accompany memories of the adopted occupation. Arabs, Venetians and Turks larboard their marks in the boondocks of Chania. You will be absolutely bugged by its arresting houses, churches and its appropriate architecture.

Furthermore, the prefecture of Chania has the greatest beaches in Crete! Sandy beaches accepting wet by the clear light-blue amnion of Libyan Sea creating an acclaimed landscape. The islets and the aerial villages accord an alien angel to this allotment of Crete! If you adulation dependable admirable nature, you should appointment the acclaimed Samaria gorge or the abrupt mountains of Chania, alleged White Mountains. Chania is the ideal vacations destination. Luxury hotels, villas or apartments are cat-and-mouse for you so as to acquaintance what you will never forget!

Chania Sightseeing

The prefecture of Chania Greece is the western best of the four prefectures of Crete. The basic is the admirable boondocks of Chania area modern, Venetian, Turkish and acceptable architectonics are attenuated calm in a absolute harmony, creating a different and adorable picture. Various archaeological sites, villages, churches, caves, gorges and admirable beaches are adorning the adorable and abounding of charms prefecture of Chania.


East of Chania and at a ambit of almost 15 km, afterward the alley appear the International airport, is the peninsula alleged Kiamon in the old canicule and Akrotiri today. It is a celebrated peninsula associated with the liberation struggles of Crete. Akrotiri shapes the bay of Suda, one of the better accustomed harbours in Greece. Worth visiting:

  • The Venizelos graves, 6 km from Chania, with a amazing appearance of the boondocks
  • The abbey of Agia Triada, 16 km from Chania. One of the few monasteries in Crete area apostolic activity is practised.
  • The abbey of Gouverneto, 20 km from Chania, which has admirable arresting decorations in Venetian style. The liturgies of Holy Week are atmospheric. Older than the abbey of Agia Triada, with old murals, it gives a activity of aloneness and isolation.
  • The beaches of Akrotiri. There are abounding admirable beaches, such as Stavros, Kalathas, Tersanas, Loutraki, Marathi.


The commune of Sfakia is the better one in the prefecture of Chania, but consisting in ample allotment of mountains it is sparsely populated. Sfakia is acclaimed throughout Greece as one of the best acceptable regions of Crete and for its arresting nature, allegory the aerial mountains, the plateaux of Askifou and Anopolis as able-bodied as the agrarian breathtaking bank of the Libyan sea. The basic of the Sfakia arena is the baby apple of Hora Sfakion (or Chora Sfakion). It has a citizenry of beneath than 400.


A Minoan tholos tomb of the Postpalatial Period is on the aforementioned alley afore the cemetery. A baby assurance credibility appear the grave. It is about 100 metres east forth the hills. The tomb is on the appropriate of the path. It has an almighty continued aisle arch to the ellipsoidal chamber. The tomb had been beggared but excavations in 1966 appear two seals.


Extraordinary bank with shale-like bedrock platforms and some stretches of bland affable sand. When it is windy, Falasarna feels it, but this is a rarely-crowded and ample bank area. Combining a few accurate and ambrosial baby avant-garde hotels with some accidental relics, a scattering of afar beachfront cafes and tavernas. There are abundant admirers of Falasarna as able-bodied as those who acquisition it ill-defined, but able-bodied account visiting as addition open-space accustomed bank breadth clashing any added in Crete. A abrupt adventure from Kissamos (Kastelli) and accessible to appointment from Chania.

Chania Museums

The Archaeological Museum

The building is housed in the Venetian Church of San Francesco and exhibits important finds dating from the Neolithic and Minoan periods to the backward Roman one. Those finds accept been biconcave from the arena of Chania and western Crete. The best important allotment of the exhibition are a accumulating of vases and weapons from the Minoan necropolis.

The building is amid on 21, Halidon Street.

Telephone: 28210 90 334.
Opening hours: Tuesday- Friday 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday- Sunday 8.30 am to 3 pm and bankrupt on Monday.

The War Museum

Located in the boondocks of Chania it contains attenuate pictures and assorted added actual items from the anarchy of Crete adjoin the Turks, from the Balkanian Wars, the Macedonian War (1903- 1908) and from the abolition of the Greek allotment of Asia as able-bodied as memorabilia from World War II and the Battle of Crete (1941- 1945)

The Historical Athenaeum and Architecture of Crete

This architecture is amid on Sfakianaki Street (number 20), in the boondocks of Chania and is housed in a admirable neoclassical building. It exhibits a affluent accumulating of ballad and actual accompanying to the history of the island such as celebrated documents, maps, coins, religious vessels, pictures, etc... There are the additional better athenaeum of Greece afterwards the General Athenaeum of the Greek State.

A allowance in the architecture has been committed to Eleftherios Venizelos area claimed altar and mementos of the abundant statesman.


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