The Prefecture of Heraklion lies amid Lassithi and Rethimnon. The acreage follows the arrangement of the blow of Crete, mountains - bald in places, abounding with cypress and oak copse abroad - plains, the best important one actuality that of Messara, fields covered with bake-apple copse of all varieties, albino beaches and admirable hidden coves. The breadth makes for absorbing geographic formations, such as the cavern of Ilithias.

This allotment of Crete has been inhabited back antique and it is the richest allotment of the island in agreement of archaeological sites with: Knossos, Phaestos, Mallia and their exhibits can be beheld in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

The aphorism of the Venetians and Turks over Crete has additionally larboard it's traces actuality in Heraklion. The Loggia, the Fortress of Koule, the Moslem Temples and as able-bodied as abundant castles throughout the breadth prove the actuality of Turks and Venetians on the island.

The Prefecture is additionally home to different samples of abbey architectonics and the monasteries of Vrontissio and Varsamonero as able-bodied as the abbey of Agios Titos. Not to be absent out is additionally the grave of acclaimed Greek columnist Nikos Kazantzakis abreast the Venetian Wall which surrounds the old burghal of Heraklion.


The Phaestos Palace

Phaestos, amid 60 km south-west of Heraklio, was one of the island's best arresting cities and the ascendant burghal in Messara Valley. According to mythology, this city's King was Radamanthys, the brother of Minos and son of Zeus. The breadth had been inhabited back the Neolithic Period (3000 BC) and in its prime had two harbours, Matala and Knossos, with abundant bartering and banking activity. The boondocks thrived until the 2nd aeon BC, back its battling burghal Gortys, destroyed it. Excavations in the breadth were conducted in 1900 by the Italian School of Archaeology and brought to ablaze an arty alcazar which was broke in 1700 BC. A new alcazar was re-built on the aforementioned location, accoutrement an breadth of 18,000 aboveboard meters. In 1450 BC, apparently due to the agitable access in Thera, the new alcazar was additionally destroyed. Today, one can see the charcoal of the storage-rooms, the altar, baby reservoirs, workshops and the aristocratic quarters. A cardinal of archaeological finds was unearthed during the excavations at Phaestos, the best important of all was the disc of Phaestos, apparent today at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklio.

Heraklion Harbour Fortress (Koules)

The Alcazar of Heraklio, accepted additionally as "Koules" stands at the access of the venetian harbour and is said to be the best preserved sample of the city's venetian fortification. It was originally congenital by the Venetians in the 13th aeon and was destroyed by two able earthquakes, in 1303 and 1500. It was rebuilt in 1523 - 1540 and was called "Rocca al Mare". The Alcazar area housed the anchorage authorities, prisons and storage-rooms. When Heraklio came beneath Turkish Occupation, mosques were congenital in the backyard and the alcazar was renamed "Koule". Today, one can see a ample allotment of the building, allotment of a mosque, signs of Morozini and the lions of St Marcus, symbols of the Venetian Rule. From the Castle, the appearance of the burghal and the anchorage is impressive.

The palace of Knossos

The best cogent allotment of Crete is Knossos, the biggest, the best bull and absorbing of all the Minoan Palaces. Knossos is the favourite stop of every company in the Abundant Island of Crete. According to Kazantzakis "your affection beats abnormally in Knossos and your apperception is abounding with questions". Here are the charcoal of one of the better Palaces of the Minoan Civilization. In this Alcazar lived Minos, a brood of the allegorical Minos dynasty, who was built-in afterwards the action of Europe and Zeus. Minos was the architect of the abundant argosy force, the pirates' fear, the astute administrator and the baton of the Minoan religion.


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