The Carnival of Rethymno

The Carnival of Rethymno has become a acceptable event. Volunteers who accord their time and adulation with abundant alertness adapt the carnival array anniversary year. It is a abundant antitoxin adjoin the bareness of our times.

However, we accept to adorn it by abacus some Greek acceptable elements. For that reason, we affiance that next year we will add appearance from our tradition. Until then, we allure you to accompany us in this appropriate festivity.

Renaissance Festival

The burghal of Rethymno has created the Renaissance Anniversary and has been acknowledging it for the aftermost 20 year. The Renaissance anniversary has become an aggressive and airy art event.

Every summer the anniversary inspires us with music and bright images of the past. Hundreds of artists from all over the apple accumulate anniversary year in Rethymno to participate in the anniversary with theatrical, music and ball performances, art exhibitions ect.

We are agreeable you to allotment with us the abracadabra of this different cultural accident in our renaissance city.

Municipal Gallery

The Municipal Gallery 'L. Kanakakis' was founded in 1992. It is housed in a Venetian architecture at the old burghal centre of Rethymno, beneath the Fortezza breastwork and the Archaeological Museum.

Its abiding accumulating includes paintings of Leuteris Kanakakis (oil, drawings, aquarelles) accoutrement all his work. The assignment of assorted abreast artists is additionally presented, depicting a advanced spectrum of the Greek avant-garde art back the 1950's.

In 1995, Rethymno became allotment of the Civic Cultural Urban Network and, as a result, the Centre of Abreast Art was founded. The Centre of Abreast Art organizes alternate exhibitions of local, civic and all-embracing interest, in accord with abounding organizations in Greece and abroad. All contest are accompanied by alongside activities (lectures, educational projects, seminars etc). The Gallery's activities accommodate the press of catalogues and added publications of educational or advisory character. Back 1995, art workshops are organized with the abutment of the Gallery.

The Municipal Theatre of Rethymno

The Municipal Theatre of Rethymno celebrates 10 years of artistic attendance in our community. Despite its continued attendance it charcoal actual alive and still surprises us with performances that allege to our souls. The abstruse lies in the affection of the bodies that participate in them, who are aggravating anniversary year to present a aerial affection and adorning performance.

For that reason, the Municipal Theatre of Rethymno has become a activating and beat attendance in our burghal and an absorbing allure for the visitors.

Furthermore, the accomplished few years the theatre performs tours all over Crete, so that added areas can have a good timethe performances. The Municipality is a abundant adherent of this accomplishment and contributes to the development and alignment of assorted cultural activities. It is additionally committed to accompany calm an Experimental and a Children's date as able-bodied as a abiding abode for the Municipal Theatre of Rethymno.

Rethymno Gorges

Visitors in Rethymno can accept a good timethe beuatiful gorges in the area, such as the gorge of Prasses, the Arcadian gorge, the Vederan gorge, the Mulon gorge as able-bodied as added abate gorges.

More specifically:

The gorge of Muloi amid abreast Rethymno is an accessible one hour airing through a blooming gorge. The gorge starts at "Chromonastery" and ends up at the apple "Xiro Chorio". There is a baby river in the gorge and the bare acceptable "Muloi" village, area one can see samples of acceptable architecture, old churches and caves. The Byzantine abbey of Saint Antonios is abreast "Muloi".

The gorge of Prasses starts south from the apple "Prasses". It offers a three-hour airing through amazing rocks. Some genitalia are difficult to access, authoritative the airing alike added interesting. It ends up at the apple "Platania", amid in the northeast bank of the burghal of Rethymno

The gorge of Patsou is accessible to admission and it is an accomplished destination for baby excursions and picnics back it combines pond and walking. It takes three hours to cantankerous the the blooming gorge and in some genitalia you accept go through the water. The apparent aisle is absent appear the end but if you abide walking, you will ability the apple "Myrthios".

The Arcadian gorge starts at the Arcadi Monastery and ends up at the apple "Pikri" through a admirable airing area the company can adore important charcoal of Venetian architecture.

The Mountain Club of Rethymno organizes excursions to the gorges during the summer.

Rethymno Sightseeing

The Municipality of Rethymno consistis of 20 settlements (after the appliance of the Kapodistrias plan) 16 of which accept been declared traditional. Within its borders there is a ample cardinal of archaeological monuments and acceptable barrio of abundant value, abounding of which accept not yet been clearly registered.

The burghal of Rethymno is a baby burghal which preserves a active medieval-renaissance color. The old, but awfully preserved burghal centermost is amid below the walls of its hawkeye guard, the Venetian Fortezza fortress. The bank of the Municipality of Rethymno is characterized by the admirable albino beach, the apple-pie sea, the Venetian port, the arresting alleys and the openhearted citizens.


The monuments of the Municipality of Rethymno are the assemblage of its long, agitated history. This area presents some monuments account to visit.

Mosque 'Neratzes'

During the Venetian times the Abbey "Neratzes" acclimated to be a abbey called 'Santa Maria', committed to the Mary of Augustans. The little abbey on its west ancillary was committed to the anatomy of Christ. In 1657, the Turks angry the temple into a abbey called 'Gazi Housein" or "Neratze", which additionally served as an Ottoman seminary. In 1890, the artisan G. Daskalakis added a ample minaret with two stone-made balconies to the building. Today the Abbey "Neratzes" is acclimated as a conservatoire.

Saint Francesco Church

The abbey of Saint Francesco is one of the best important monuments of Rethymno. It was the capital temple of the Monastery of the Francesca Order. The architectonics of the architecture and its ornaments are actual interesting. Next to the east ancillary of the temple two bare chapels are preserved. Its capital aperture is impressive, with capitals of blended order. During contempo excavations about the abbey admired archeological allegation accept been discovered, including two tombs of Venetian nobles.

Rimondi Fountain

The Rimondi bubbler was congenital in 1626 by the city's Rector A. Rimondi. It covered allotment of the city's baptize needs and it is amid in the Platanou square, which was again the centre of the Venetian city. It has three baptize basins, three bobcat shaped baptize exits, and three columns crowned by Corinthian capitals address a Latin inscription. Today the bubbler still springs baptize through the three bobcat heads.

The Arcade of Rethymno

Loggia has been congenital during the 16th aeon and was advised by the acclaimed artist Michel Snamicheli. Arcade was an eminent architecture of the burghal centre and has been a affair point for the nobles to altercate political and economical issues. The architecture is actual able-bodied preserved; it is aboveboard and has arches on its three abandon (besides its west side). The consoles of its bump are spectacular. During the Turkish activity the arcade became a abbey and a minaret was constructed, which was after burst in 1930. The accomplished 40 decades the architecture of Arcade hosted the archeological architecture of the city, which has now confused to a architecture abutting to Fortezza. Today arcade hosts a bazaar of archeological art copies.

Archaeological sites

Archeological sites are an adherent allotment of Rethymno's acreage and of the local's cultural heritage. In this area some important archeological sites of the arena are presented.

The Fortezza fortress

The Venetian Fortezza breastwork is congenital on the "Paleokastro" hill, amid on the west ancillary of the city. On the aforementioned acropolis the Acropolis of the age-old burghal of Rithymna was located, forth with a altar committed to Goddess Artemis. The Fortezza breastwork was congenital amid 1573-1580 by the Venetians in adjustment to assure the citizens from the Turkish threat. It is shaped like a star, it has three gates and six ramparts. The temple of Saint Nicolo has been angry into the abbey of Sultan Ibraim Han. There was the architecture of the Commander, the architecture of the Counselor, army camps, stables, armament depots, a baptize accumulation backlog and some houses that were after destroyed.

The Nekropolis of Armenoi

In 1969, two acceptance apparent two bowl argosy in the breadth of Prinokefalo in the association of Armenoi and delivered them to the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno. Excavations in the breadth appear a ample cemetery of the post-Minoan period. Until today, added than 220 tombs accept been excavated. The cemetery was anxiously designed. All the tombs are carved with an accomplished and a angled path, except one which is vaulted. The tombs were labeled with awkward stones and pyramid-like or plate-like columns. They were ancestors tombs as they independent abounding bodies, placed either on the attic or in sarcophagus. Various altar (ceramics, armory, tools, and jewelry) accord us important advice about the art, adoration and amusing activity of the time.

Rethymno Museums

A adventurer has to appointment the museums of the burghal to be acquainted with the history and ability of the arena in altered periods. In the afterward section, you will acquisition a abbreviate description of the Archaeological Museum and the Historical and Folklore Museum.

The Actual and Ballad Architecture of Rethymno

The Actual and Ballad Architecture of Rethymno is housed in a 17th aeon Venetian mansion. The architecture is hosted in an ideal ambiance for the exhibition of collections and the actual architecture of the abode is consistently adequate and preserved. The exhibition spaces (Permanent collection) awning (5) bristles halls and present items of acceptable achievement assignment and ballad art. The Actual and Ballad Architecture of Rethymno aims to become a abreast analysis and educational centermost for the canning of the Cretan Ballad ability in cooperation with all-embracing organizations and institutions.

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno belongs to the civic Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Conservancy. Since 1991 it is housed in the pentagon architecture in advanced of the capital aboideau of the Fortezza fortress. The exhibits present the history of the Prefecture from the Neolithic to the Roman period. They are apparent in archival adjustment and by blasting site.

Cultural Organizations

The Old Burghal of Rethymno aims to be anatomic and to advance assorted activities affiliated to its culture, history and artful character. For that reason, the capital cultural activities are amid in the Old Burghal and the Fortezza fortress:

  • The Archaeological Museum
  • Municipal Gallery - Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Art Workshops
  • Art playground
  • Museum accumulating of Submarine Life
  • The 'Eleni Fratzeskaki'Museum accumulating of bolt and embroidery
  • Museum accumulating of Traditional Musical Instruments
  • Museum accumulating of Traditional Agricultural Household
  • Museum accumulating of Typography and bounded Press
  • Historical Archive of the Burghal of Rethymno
  • Municipal Youth Center
  • The Actual and Folklore Museum
  • Institute of Mediterranean Studies (University of Crete)
  • The 'House of Philosophy' (University of Crete)
  • The Centre of Cretan Craftwork
  • The Service centermost of the Ministry of Culture
  • The Branch of the Archaeological Resource Fund
  • The Service of the Program Contract of the Old City
  • The Workshop for aliment of antiquities of the 13th Ephorat of Antiquities
  • The Workshop for aliment of Prehistoric - Classical Antiquities
  • The Accumulating of Traditional Costumes of the Cretan Lyceum of Greek Women

Most of the art and cultural contest of the burghal are demography abode in adequate actual buildings, such as the theatre "Erofyli" in the Fortezza breastwork during the summer or at the conservatory, the abbey of 'St. Francesco' or the "touring club" during the winter.

These activities aim to transform the Old Burghal in a activating cultural centre, alluring visitors from altered regions of Crete.


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