Therapies Categorization

"Pure Senses Spa" bases the classification of its treatments depending on the ingredients used, which constitute the different therapy groups.

Valmont World

  • Purity of the Alps by Valmont
  • Vitality of the Glaciers
  • AWF Eye Lift treatment

Pure Senses Spa Delicatessen

A magnificent world of pleasure for all senses. Incredible treatments which are really enjoyable!

  • "Choco Body Sweet Harmony Treatment"
  • "Oriental Escape Bath"
  • "Red Grapes Bath"

Pure Senses Spa Spice

Cinnamon, Ginger, Saffron, Vanilla.......altogether, are the highlights of an exotic experience which travels you to the distant earths of Far East.

  • "Exotic Orient Exfoliation"
  • "Mysterious Turkey Massage"
  • "Placid Silk Wrap"

Pure Senses Spa Privilege

Ingredients and therapies created to the last detail : from the exquisite textures and sublime fragrances, till the glamorous shiny reflections of gold and pearl.

  • "Spa Pearl Luxury Body Therapy"
  • "Spa Gold Body Experience"

For the most elegant Spa, the most evocative therapies which lead you to enjoy exquisite experiences!


Aromas, spices, fruits, all coming from the Far East, combining with the unique experience of hydro massage, give you indulgence and well-being.

  1. 1. "Oriental Escape" bath
  2. 2. "Cleopatra's" Cream bath
  3. 3. "Red Grapes" bath
  4. 4. Thalassotherapy
  5. 5. Detoxyfying bath


More About The Royal Blue


  • Royal Blue Resort & Spa , part of the Splendia hotel selection

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Panormo Geropotamou, GR 74057 Rethymno, Crete, Greece.
Phone+ 30 28340 55000, Email
MH.TE 1041K015A0036201

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