Elia Authentic Cretan Cuisine

Elia Restaurant is a tribute to the most famous for its nutritional value Mediterranean cuisine. Carefully selected local products, cooked and served with imagination and love will offer you quite a strong Cretan culinary experience.

The restaurant is set at an amazing spot within Royal Blue Resort, overlooking the deep blue Cretan Sea, the bright Greek Sun and the nearby infinity lagoon - a complete Greek experience!

Inviting and fragrant, light hearted and colorful, based on vegetables, local ingredients and the amazing olive oil, the restaurant presents simple dishes that require little cooking time and a style of cooking that prefers vegetable fats - the main reason why nutritionists all over the world recommend it.


More About The Royal Blue


  • Royal Blue Resort & Spa , part of the Splendia hotel selection

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Panormo Geropotamou, GR 74057 Rethymno, Crete, Greece.
Phone+ 30 28340 55000, Email info@royalblueresort.com
MH.TE 1041K015A0036201

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